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Feb 8, 2009
Martha Stewart Story

It all started on a summer afternoon after I completed making my 300 jars of tomatoes. My next door neighbors encouraged me to write a letter to Martha asking her if I can demonstrate my canning techniques on tomatoes.

Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by Martha’s staff, asking to come over so they could interview me to see what I was all about. They were definitely impressed with my canning techniques and were also impressed with my knowledge of cooking. They decided to take the show a little further by suggesting that I  bring them to the places I shop for tomatoes. I took them down to Arthur Avenue, the real Little Italy of the Bronx, where we visited the vendors from whom I buy my beautiful red tomatoes.

In addition to that, Martha wanted me to show her how I make chicken cacciatori. Without any reservation, I automatically became her huntress and went gathering all the special ingredients which makes this old traditional recipe so special.

The first show was aired on September 8 which included 3 segments: 1st--shopping on Arthur Ave; 2nd--the canning process; and 3rd--making my chicken cacciatori.

Well, the show was a hit, and my recipe made the November issue of the Martha Stewart Living as one of the best recipes of the month. Needless to say, I was extremely happy and pleased that all went well.

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